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The works listed below are available for your perusal. If you find them useful and would like to perform them, please consider the suggested donation listed below and mail it to Eileen Twynham, 8820 Walther Boulevard, #3318, Baltimore Maryland 21234.

(Click the underlined file name to see the music)

Choral Works available in Adobe Acrobat Format

Beloved are the Just (SATB and Handbells or Keyboard) $20

By Love Transfigured (SATB and Organ) $20

Christ became obedient (TTBB a capella) $20

Insult has broken my heart (TTBB a capella) $20


More extended choral works (these will take longer to appear on the screen)

Choral Fantasy on "Crimond"
                 (Extended SATB Anthem with Organ) (26 minutes) $50

Hymn to Jesus, Wisdom of God (Extended Anthem for SATB, Organ and Trumpet) $35

Miryam (Extended SATB Anthem- A meditation on the Mother of Jesus) $35

In Principio (Extended concert work based on the prologue of the Gospel of John) (SATB and Organ) $50
        Movement 1
        Movement 2
        Movement 3
        Movement 4
        Movement 5


Responsorial Psalms (for Cantor and Organ unless otherwise specified)
(this is just a sample of the many psalms of Robert Twynham that I have typeset)

33rd Sunday of the Year (B) (Psalm 16) $5
Easter - 1st Responsory (for Children's choir and Handbells) $20
4th Sunday of Lent (A) (Psalm 23) $5
30th Sunday of the Year (B) (Psalm 126) $5
Christmas Eve (Psalm 96) $5
Psalm 23 (Gossman) $5

Vocal solos

Adam lay ibounden $5

Recordings of the works of Robert Twynham

Magnificat (CD) $15 (includes postage and handling)
A vocal score of Magnificat is published by G.I.A. Corporation.

Contact Randall Mullin at for more information.

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